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Charter Members

These are the Legionnaires who created Custer Post #46.  Though they have departed this mortal coil, the Post and its works endure as their legacy.

 Charles Sager C. M. Sheehan
 Herbert A. MillerFloyd C. Carr 
 Virgil W. BeattyDavid B. Haxby 
 Edward C. RogersElmer E. Thomas 
 Elmo G. AdamsLewis D. Godsey 
 George L. MillerJoseph F. Mallon 
 H. I. DonaldsonLouis J. Bignell 
 John GodingCarl A. Hunter 
 Charles HeumanFrank C. Bond 
 Walter RobertE. A. Sutherland 
 Harold R. HanleyMark Hendrickson