AL SD High School Rodeo

CUSTER POST #46, AMERICAN LEGION announces suspension of its

High School Rodeo Top Cowboy and Top Cowgirl Award Program

“An Americanism Patriotic Citizenship Contest”

The program is available for reactivation should the Custer High School Rodeo Team be interested.
This webpage and its documents remain posted for information to all those interested in such a program.


The purpose of The American Legion High School Rodeo Top Cowboy and Top Cowgirl Americanism Award Program is to develop a greater sense of Patriotic Citizenship and Americanism Principles among high school students who compete within the South Dakota High School Rodeo Association. Other objectives of the contest include the development of leadership qualities, courage, honor, Americanism, citizenship, and patriotism.  

High school students who are members of the SDHSRA will complete “tasks” in citizenship and Americanism. Students competing in this program will not be judged by their athletic performance in the rodeo arena but only by their Americanism and Citizenship practiced in their lives during the year.  Contest awards are presented to the Top Cowboy and Top Cowgirl in each post, and the award shall be an engraved Post Champion buckle awarded to one Top Cowboy and one Top Cowgirl as the members of the post determine as to represent the local post. The post also provides a monetary scholarship of no more than $50 in addition to the Post Champion Buckle awarded.

This youth program commenced in 2018.  It currently is a local program of Custer Post #46's jurisdiction.  For more information about the High School Rodeo Top Cowboy and Top Cowgirl Contests in South Dakota, contact the Custer American Legion Post #46 representative listed below.


Eligible participants in the contest shall be citizens of or lawful permanent residents of the United States.

All contestants must be bona fide students  under the age of 19 years on the date of the national contest that is presently enrolled in a high school (public, parochial, military, private, or home school), commencing with grade nine and terminating with grade 12. Students must be enrolled in high school during the time of participation at any level of the contest and must be a current member of the National High School Rodeo Association. Contestants must either be legally domiciled within or attend an educational institution within the department (state) where they enter competition. Contestants can enter competition in only one department.


This starts with interest.  It is the responsibility of each participant to make his interest known.  This needs to be done in early January.  And those to be contacted are any of the following:

 Mark Mills Custer Post #46 (605) 673-3414
  CHS Rodeo Team 


As with everything, various steps must be completed by specified dates to participate in the program.  These dates below are being finalized and will be updated here.  Further information is contained in the documents attached at the end of this webpage.

 01 Jan Annual program begins.  Commence Americanism tasks.
 ?? Feb Brief the CHS Rodeo Team at Custer High School.
 30 Jun Complete Americanism tasks.
 30 Jun Turn in application and task verification sheets to Custer Post #46.
 15 Jul  Custer Post #46 processes applications
 TBATop Cowboy and Cowgirl announced. 

Thank you for your interest in South Dakota American Legion High School Rodeo Americanism Program.
Keep watching this page for updated information!